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Stereographic 3D Galleries

Here are some 3D photo galleries that I took using two DSLRs to make true 3D photos. I use the StereoPhoto Maker software to process and display these galleries which does a great job of displaying these 3D images in various formats. This viewer is a java application and your browser may issue a warning before it shows you the image thumbnails. Click OK to enable the viewer if this happens. I have set the default viewing method to "Color Anaglyph" which requires red/cyan viewing glasses.

Mac/Safari users: The viewer I use for these galleries may have some issues with Safari. Also, you may be asked to install the Java plug-in.

If you're interested in licensing any of these 3D photos please send me an email (marc at marcshandro dot com) indicating the image format you'd like (JPS, MPO, STJ).


Backpacking on a high ridge in Yoho National Park of the 

Canadian Rockies Little Yoho Backpack - Canadian Rockies

 173 Photos









 Brazeau Loop Backpack - Jasper Alberta

  45 Photos








Palenque Aqueduct Yucatan and Mayan Sites - Mexico

 160 Photos

Northover Ridge Northover Ridge - Canadian Rockies
 75 Photos is a great place to get 3D glasses: The red/cyan glasses are the ones to get.
Prices range from $2 to $7 for the ones shown here.

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