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In the spirit of 2012-12-21 and a new Mayan Calendar finally coming out, I thought I'd start uploading photos from a Mayan roadtrip that Debbie and I did in March and April of 2011. We covered about 2300 kms and visited 13 mayan sites on the Yucatan peninsula which was fantastic!..From Wikipedia:.The Cross Complex site is located at the bottom of the mountain Yehmal K'uk' Lakam Witz, The Great Mountain of the Descending Quetzal. Yehmal K'uk' Lakam Witz was considered a sacred mountain by the Maya because of the many natural springs that supply fresh water to Otulum River. The Otulum River was the principal water source for the city..The Cross Complex structures are built from limestone which is widely available throughout the region. According to accounts from the 16th century, the stone temples were covered in stucco and decorated with blue and red paint. The three main temples that comprise the Cross Complex are aligned to form a cross..The Temple of the Foliated Cross is directly across the courtyard from the Temple of the Sun, and both are adjacent to the Temple of the Cross. Temple XIV and Temple XV are two smaller temples are found between the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Cross. The picture to the left is a reconstruction as seen from the Temple of the Foliated Cross, although Temple XV is missing from the
Palenque Temple of the Foliated Cross-20110327.jpg