Marc Shandro

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We learned from our car rental guy that on a full moon, the entrance to Perito Moreno is opened all night -- what luck for us. As soon as we got the car we raced straight out there from the town of El Calafate. There were only 2 other vehicles there, so we essentially had all the viewing areas to ourselves...There was a light rain over the glacier and we weren't quite sure where the moon would rise. Then Debbie said "what's that arc over the glacier?" It took a few moments for us to realize that it was a rainbow cast by full moonlight that had just risen behind us -- a moonbow! Neither of us had ever seen a moon rainbow, and what a place for it to happen!!..I didn't have a cable release and could only do a 30 second exposure at f3.5 with my D200. Fortunately there was a flat wooden hand railing that I used as a tripod. I had to boost the exposure afterward in Lightroom and find a reasonable balance between noise reduction and sharpness.
Moon Rainbow Over Perito Moreno Glacier-20070331.jpg