Marc Shandro

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This is the heart of The Yukon's Tombstone mountains. Jagged crags and spires of granite covered in luxuriant lichens await the adventurous wanderer...The Tombstone Territorial Park has been compared to a similar mountainous park 13,959 kilometers to the south as the crow flies (according to Google Earth). Torres del Paine in southern Chile has similar jagged peaks soaring vertically out of a pristine environment, and as such the Tombstone Mountains have sometimes been called the "Torres del Paine of the North". ..To truly appreciate either of these places requires a few days of backpacking in my opinion to get close and feel the rock beneath your boots and the mountain air in your lungs...It wasn't until I got back to Calgary and saw this particular photo that I realized I had taken in this scene before on the other side of the world.
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