Marc Shandro
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This view is from one of the many tentacled ridges leading to the summit of Mt. Distincta in the northern Ogilvie mountains of northern Yukon. ..I just love the hiking opportunities along the Dempster highway. With minimal forest cover you have wide open views of the landscape and if a mountain ridge looks interesting to explore, you just go! There are guidebooks too that suggest certain mountains and routes, but very few of them have any trails -- you just decide which way you want to go. Even though traveling along the Dempster highway (if you can call it a highway) is getting more popular, it is still a remote area and you can go for a long time without seeing another person. There's something very special about being in a place like this -- pristine quiet wilderness. Alone. With wildlife. It's worth every minute of the 5 day drive from Calgary to get here.
Pristine Blackstone Uplands, Yukon-20100827.jpg