Marc Shandro
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Yucatan & Mayan Sites

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Palenque was my favorite of the 14 mayan sites we visited. I think it was the setting that appealed to me the most. Many of the sites on the Yucatan peninsula are in a drier, flat, scrub-brush kind of environment that can feel rather claustrophobic. Palenque was the farthest we got from our starting place in Cancun and is on the edge of some mountainous terrain! The vegetation was also more varied and tropical than in the monotonously flat area of the Yucatan peninsula. I guess my affinity for rolling terrain was most satisfied around the Palenque area. The grounds of Palenque were also more pleasing with open grassy spaces, beautful trees and a running stream...From Wikipedia:.Palenque is a medium-sized site, much smaller than such huge sites as Tikal or Copán, but it contains some of the finest architecture, sculpture, roof comb and bas-relief carvings that the Mayas produced. Much of the history of Palenque has been reconstructed from reading the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the many monuments; historians now have a long sequence of the ruling dynasty of Palenque in the 5th century and extensive knowledge of the city-state's rivalry with other states such as Calakmul and Toniná.
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