Marc Shandro
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We saw this healthy looking male not far from the road to view the Upper Yellowstone falls. There were a few vehicles pulled over with people walking close to the two elk that were lying down in the grass basking in the warm setting sunlight. It reminded me of the signs all over Banff, warning tourists of the dangers of getting too close to these wild animals. This one got up for a stretch as people encroached on his space. I was able to stay quite further back with my 400mm lens and a 1.7x teleconverter. The two elk were pretty docile being that it was still a few months away from rutting season...Tech Details:.Nikon D300.200-400mm lens @ 400mm (VR turned on).1.7x teleconverter for effectively 680mm reach..Circular polarizing filter.1/250 sec @ f4.0.Taken @ 6:50pm.ISO 320.Velbon SherpaPro tripod w/ RRS BH-55 ball head.
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