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Trolling my archives sometimes gives some interesting discoveries. This one was from a great trip I had with an accomplished mountaineer (Pat) I used to work with and his delightful daughter (Colleen) back in the summer of 2006. ..We carried our gear up the Schiesser Ledges route via the valley of the Ten Peaks to the Niel Colgan Hut high above what 99.99% of the tourists don't get to see. You can see the rockpile at the end of Moraine Lake next to the parking lot where all the famous pictures of this lake are taken from. ..I've been to this area many times and climbed a number of the peaks here, but have never been on the rockpile. One of my very favorites is Mt. Eiffel which I've gone up 4 times now where the 360 degree views provide a real sense of scale in these mountains looking down over a kilometer into the valleys below and up yet another 600 meters to the summit of Mt. Temple. This is a magical place, and the magic rises exponentially when you take the time to walk a little further!..Tech Details:.Nikon D70.12-24mm lens @ 12mm.No filter.1/500 sec @ f8.Taken @ 3:47pm.ISO 200.Hand held.
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