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Do you like roller-coaster hikes? The Rockwall Trail runs along these cliffs for 30 kilometers. Each campsite takes you down from these plateaus to a valley 600 to 800 meters lower, so you if you enjoy lots of up and down then this trail is for you! Helmet Creek, Tumbling Creek, Numa Creek and Floe Creek are the four main camp areas along this 30 km stretch. You can see one of the endpoints of the trail in the distance. A bit beyond that cliff-face is the Helmet Falls campsite...Since the campsites are at a much lower elevation, it's hard to be on the plateaus for sunrise or sunset. Sunrise will come from the right in this view, so might be the more desirable option for photography if you get going early enough. At this time of year you might have to leave camp by 4 am to see this view lit up with alpenglow. For the meantime, this cheery midday shot will have to do.
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