Marc Shandro
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Icebergs and Glaciers

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I was recently looking back through some of my photos of icebergs in Lago Argentina and discovered this one. I have a similar one to this image that has seen quite a bit of traffic here on Flickr, but this one struck me as quite different. I like the interesting shapes of the "chips" in this one. This one has been my desktop background for the last few months, only known by me (and Debbie), and now freed to the world...I was holding back on uploading this one until I got a flurry of activity on another similar photo of this same iceberg. 100,000+ hits in a day and a half! I discovered that somehow my "Hypnotic Iceberg" photo was on the home page of both stumbleupon and digg. Anyway, since the interest seems quite high in seeing this amazing natural phenomenon I thought I'd upload another one...To answer a frequent question that was popping up on how natural this photo is or how much Photoshop is used, here's what I've done to the image: I've only used Adobe Lightroom to give this photo a bit of added contrast to make the shadows stand out a bit better. I also adjusted the color temperature to try to get the right colors (as memory serves anyway). It's also interesting to note that I didn't have to touch the color vibrancy control on this one (I normally boost the vibrancy a bit to the mid 20s range). The raw images coming from the camera are always "flat" and it's always a challenge to put back in the amount of vibrancy that I originally saw and felt at the time I took the photograph.
Patagonia Iceberg-20070402.jpg